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BORK Machine & Repair



With over 29 years experience in the metal fabrication and machining industry, Joseph Bork is your local solution to all of your machining and repair needs.  He completes projects on time and within budget!


  • Not able to find a business that can repair or duplicate replacement parts for your aging but still functioning equipment? Perhaps the manufacturer of your equipment is no longer in business or currently does not have your part in stock or is too costly? Or maybe you have a great idea or invention but need a first prototype to move your idea forward?


  • Whether you need an obsolete and no longer manufactured part, a one-of-kind part custom to your needs or you want to make your invention a reality – Bork Machine & Repair is your solution!


  • Joseph Bork has been working in the metal fabrication and machining industry for more than 29 years. During this time he has gained an uncanny insight into what a customer needs and how to complete a customer’s project on time and within budget. Joseph has always wanted to run his own business and fulfill the “American Dream.” He has combined his love of making custom metalwork and solving customer problems with his desire to become an entrepreneur and has created Bork Machine & Repair. Bork Machine & Repair specializes in repairing and creating custom metalwork, small to medium scale prototyping, short-run production manufacturing, and creating 2DCAD technical drawings.


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